Car park fall leads to Chronic Pain Syndrome for nurse

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Car park fall leads to Chronic Pain Syndrome for nurse

21st May 2013

A nurse who developed a Chronic Pain Syndrome after falling on a patch of ice in a car park whilst at work, has received £90,000 in damages.

Sami Palmer-Latif, a specialist in work injury cases at Fentons, said that his client’s back had gone into spasm almost immediately after slipping on the patch of ice whilst walking across the hospital car park on a cold winter morning.

“He landed heavily and was in so much pain he simply could not get back up,” said Sami. “As he lay there helpless, writhing in agony on the ground, a colleague told him to stay where he was and summoned help.”

The psychiatric nurse was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital with an A&E department, where he was given morphine and underwent an x-ray. He was kept in overnight and discharged the following day.

But in the days after the fall, the man’s pain began to worsen instead of improving. “He suffered a constant burning sensation down his neck and into his back and upper limbs,” said Sami. “He also experiences a nagging pain in his hip. He attended regular appointments with his GP and was prescribed very strong pain medication. The pain, combined with the side effects of the medication, meant my client was simply unable to work.

“Furthermore, he found it increasingly difficult to sleep and often had no sleep at all, leading to him becoming easily fatigued and irascible. He underwent physiotherapy, received injections and even tried using a TENS machine to help alleviate the pain,” said Sami. “But despite everything, he found himself in a state of constant pain and discomfort.”

Sami said that his client is still on a vast amount of pain relief and that this has resulted in his concentration being very poor. “My client’s wife, who is now the only breadwinner in the household, also has to keep reminding him of things he needs to do,” he said.

Sami explained that as no action had been taken to prevent the car park becoming dangerous in the adverse weather conditions, his client’s employer was liable for the injury which led to his constant pain. “Although he at first thought the slip was just one of those things, my client soon realised that it was more serious than that,” said Sami.

“Many people are quick to dismiss accidents like this as innocuous or just something to ‘get over’, but the truth of the matter is that they can often lead to long term problems, as shown by my client’s case.”

After lengthy negotiations, Sami settled the claim on behalf of his client for £90,000.

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