Cab driver receives settlement after collision ends career

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Cab driver receives settlement after collision ends career

13th July 2012

A taxi driver whose career was ended due to a back injury he suffered when his cab collided with another vehicle has received £50,000 in an out of court settlement.

Mark Luxton, a serious injuries expert at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the Essex man, who is in his 40s, had no time to react when an oncoming car suddenly turned and cut directly across his path.

“My client, who was fortunately alone in his cab at the time, swerved and did his best to avoid a collision but his car was struck by the other vehicle and bounced off into a concrete post at the side of the road,” said Mark, an associate with the firm.

“He was then trapped in his vehicle in considerable pain and had to wait several minutes for the fire brigade to arrive and cut him free using specialist cutting equipment.”

When the father-of-one was eventually removed from his vehicle, he was placed on a spinal board and rushed to hospital where an x-ray revealed he had fractured his coccyx. After he was advised on steps he could take to limit his pain he was discharged with painkillers.

After leaving hospital, the claimant had to rely on his mother and sisters to help him with getting dressed, bathing and preparing meals. “Due to the pain in his legs and back it was several weeks before my client was even able to leave his mother’s house,” said Mark. “Along with near constant neck pain and persistent headaches, he had virtually no flexibility at all in his spine which made bending down, sitting and walking extremely painful.

“It took almost five months before my client was able to hobble around unaided but even then, bending down was still extremely painful,” he added. “Throughout this time, one of the most painful consequences of his injury was the fact that he couldn’t spend as much time with his young son as he would have liked. At the times he was able to see his little boy, who lived separately with his mother, he was saddened that he couldn’t play football or take part in the usual rough-and-tumble activities his son was used to.”

Despite nearly 18 months of physiotherapy treatment, the claimant continued to suffer pain in his back as well as associated shooting pains in his legs. Due to his inability to sit comfortably, he was forced to give up his work as a self-employed taxi driver and look into alternative career options.

“Despite having regained more flexibility in his spine, my client’s pain has still not completely disappeared,” said Mark. “He now has to be extremely careful when playing with his son so as not to exacerbate his injuries and he cannot even sit comfortably for more than an hour without experiencing a build-up of pain that very quickly becomes unbearable.”

After liability was admitted, Mark settled the claim on behalf of his client in April 2012.

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