Building fall roofer receives damages payout

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Building fall roofer receives damages payout

27th May 2010

A roofer who was seriously injured when he fell from a building has received a substantial damages payout in an out of court settlement.

The self-employed man, who was in his 50s at the time of the accident, sustained a catalogue of injuries including four fractured ribs, a damaged pelvis and a shattered right eye socket which needed two operations and left a four inch scar on his face. He also suffered a decompressed skull fracture which has led to double vision, and he has lost all sense of smell and taste.

Lesley Mynett, a work accident specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP, represented the roofer in his claim for compensation. "In early 2006, he was contracted by a property developer to repair and renew a flat asphalt roof on a building which was undergoing an exterior refurbishment," said Lesley.

"When my client usually carried out this work, the main contractor would be responsible for the scaffolding and guard rails, as safety at the site is their responsibility," she said. "In most of the jobs that my client has worked on with the defendant in the past, there has been scaffolding around the roof to protect the workers."

Lesley said her client - who set up his own roofing business in the 1970s - had worked on properties with the defendant more than 15 times in the previous 8 years.

"But on this occasion, there was no scaffolding or safety barriers in place around the roof," said Lesley. "My client has no recollection of the fall, or how it happened. He went onto the roof to assess the work to be done and the next thing he remembered was waking up in hospital."

The roofer was found unconscious by a colleague and rushed to hospital for emergency treatment. The incident was later investigated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and they confirmed that there should have been safety barriers in place.

"The roof work should not have been carried out until the safety measures had been put in place," said Lesley. "My client spent months undergoing medical treatment and rehabilitation. He has suffered considerable loss of earnings and other financial losses as a result of the accident."

Lesley said she was pleased with the speed with which she had been able to resolve the claim for her client.

"When he first came to Fentons, there were only 12 weeks left before the deadline for making a claim passed," she said. "Despite this, we were able to conduct a speedy investigation into the circumstances of the incident and secure the compensation which will enable him to receive the care and treatment he requires in the future."

In May 2010, Lesley successfully negotiated a gross settlement of £90,000 for her client.

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