Brain injury victim receives second CICA payout

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Brain injury victim receives second CICA payout

15th March 2011

A man has been awarded a further £60,000 in damages from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) after his case was reopened following a deterioration in his medical symptoms.

"My client was the innocent victim of a vicious and unprovoked assault," said Nick Godwin, a serious injury expert at Fentons Solicitors LLP. "He initially accepted £5,000 in compensation from the CICA - the government body set up specifically to pay compensation to victims of violent crimes. But when the medical symptoms he suffered as a result of the attack resurfaced and became progressively worse, his case was reopened."

The 33 year-old man had been walking home with his fiancée when he was set upon by a group of teenage boys - who were unknown to him - just yards from his front door. He was knocked unconscious when he was punched in the head and fell to the floor.

"The victim sustained a fractured skull with bleeding to his brain, a black eye, broken nose and internal bruising," said Nick. "He was rushed to hospital by ambulance, placed on a drip due to the amount of blood he had lost and kept on coma watch for 48 hours."

Over the next six months the man suffered frequent headaches and episodes of dizziness as well as significant problems with his memory and concentration. After he unsuccessfully tried to return to work, he noticed his symptoms becoming progressively worse.

"My client began to suffer terrible, debilitating headaches on a daily basis," said Nick, an associate with the firm. "He was placed under the care of a consultant neurologist and underwent scans which revealed his brain injury but failed to pinpoint exactly why he was continuing to suffer ongoing symptoms such as migraines and dizziness."

The man's assailant was never reprimanded and the case was dropped by the police. The CICA agreed to reopen his claim and Nick Godwin was able to negotiate an additional £60,000, making the total of £65,000.

"Before the assault my client was a relaxed, calm and methodical young man with impeccable judgement and a managerial job within a construction company," said Nick.

"This was an entirely unprovoked and vicious attack that has left my client with post-traumatic stress disorder and transformed him from outgoing and responsible into a withdrawn individual who sometimes struggles to remember even the simplest of things, suffers anxiety and panic attacks and has to be accompanied whenever he leaves the house. It is very much hoped the settlement he has now received will help him secure the treatment he needs to improve his quality of life and hopefully return to work."

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