Award against care home

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Award against care home

10th July 2008

A resident of a local authority run care home sustained severe frostbite to his feet after being allowed to leave the premises undetected due to external doors to the home being left unlocked.

Mr Swan, aged 38 at the date of the accident was a resident at Park Villa Residential Care Home in Aveley, Essex. Mr Swan suffers from Autism, which means that he has to be closely supervised due to his increased vulnerability, especially when outside the home. The supervision is required as Mr Swan is unable to comprehend day to day risks.

At approximately midnight on 03 March 2004 Mr Swan was allowed to leave the home. He was unsupervised and was wearing only his pyjamas. Mr Swan was walking barefoot. Mr Swan was sighted walking the streets in the early hours of the morning. He returned to the care home where his disappearance was not detected.

Mr Swan's injuries were first noted when he tried to administer his own first aid. A care placed Mr Swan's feet in a bowl of hot water. Mr Swan was eventually taken to Basildon General Hospital where he remained for 10 weeks due to the frostbite to his feet.

Mr Swan was advised that there was a small risk of developing Skin cancer as a result of the Frostbite.

Mr Swan's sister instructed Fentons Solicitors to pursue a personal injury claim against East Thames Care. Litigation commenced against East Thames Care and the Court awarded Mr Swan £10,000.00 in settlement of his claim.

Lisa Cruden, a solicitor at Fentons Solicitors, acted for the claimant.

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