Asbestos victim searches for witnesses

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Asbestos victim searches for witnesses

3rd March 2008

A former apprentice pipe fitter, now aged 48, was exposed to significant quantities of asbestos dust and fibres and has, consequently, been diagnosed with the fatal asbestos related condition, mesothelioma.

Mr Steven Shaw now resides in Tenerife but was exposed to asbestos during his apprenticeship between 1977 and 1981 at the British Rail Packet Yard, Snargate Street, Dover. During his apprenticeship, he was required to undertake both maintenance and re-fitting of British Rail - Sealink ferries such as the Lord Warden and the Cesaria.

When Mr Shaw found himself to be breathless whilst out walking his dog in the summer of 2007, he sought advice from his local medical centre in Tenerife. He was shocked to discover that he has this fatal disease.

He is now seeking the help of any of his previous colleagues who worked with him for British Rail - Sealink during the 1970s and 1980s in Dover. It is essential for Mr Shaw to be able to prove his exposure to asbestos during that period and if anyone is able to assist they should not hesitate to contact Mr Shaw's solicitor, Lesley Mynett at Fentons Solicitors LLP on direct dial number 0161 886 5071.