‘Good Samaritan’ awarded £250,000 after injury ends his career

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‘Good Samaritan’ awarded £250,000 after injury ends his career

5th November 2009

An off-duty soldier who intervened when a fight broke out in a pub, had his career ended when he sustained serious head injuries.

The soldier was watching one of England's football matches during the 2006 World Cup, when a disturbance broke out. He went over to try to calm the situation down, but became caught up in the disturbance and was violently struck on the head.

Michael Durban, a personal injury specialist with Fentons Solicitors, said the blow knocked his client unconscious.

"As a result of this violent assault, he suffered a skull fracture and scarring to his head, memory loss, a loss of balance, dizziness, and tiredness," said Michael. "He was also prone to mood swings and bouts of anger, which were diagnosed as post-concussional syndrome."

Although the soldier eventually made a good recovery, he was later discharged from the Army on medical grounds.

"His selfless actions were intended to help resolve the situation before it got out of hand," said Michael. "Instead, this good Samaritan was subjected to a violent attack which ended his promising Army career."

Michael pursued a compensation claim on behalf of his client under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Act scheme (CICA), which allows those who have been affected by a violent crime - be it physically or psychologically - to apply for compensation from the Government, rather than trying to sue the criminal. The CICA has the power to make awards of up to a maximum of £500,000, including lost earnings.

Michael obtained an Army Career Forecast that described his client as a model soldier who - but for the injury - would have remained in the Army until December 2020, and would likely have been promoted to a Warrant Officer (Class II).

"This was vital in securing the lost future earnings, not to mention the military pension to which my client would also have been entitled," said Michael.

The total value of the claim awarded was over £250,000.

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