£55,000 compensation awarded for fall at work

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£55,000 compensation awarded for fall at work

19th November 2010

A 65 year-old Cornish man who sustained serious injuries including a ruptured spleen when he fell backwards through a ceiling hatch, has been awarded more than £50,000 in compensation.

Vijay Mehan, a work accident specialist at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said his client - who worked in a fish and chip shop - was putting stock into an overhead storage room when he fell seven feet onto a concrete floor.

"My client fell backwards through an open ceiling hatch which had no support-rails or grab-handles," said Vijay. "He landed on his left side before bouncing onto his right shoulder. As there was nothing to prevent his fall, he was incredibly fortunate not to have sustained life-threatening injuries."

Although he has no recollection of how long he lay undiscovered, the man was eventually found by a colleague. Unable to move and suffering with breathing difficulties, he was rushed to hospital by ambulance.

"Whilst getting dressed after being x-rayed my client lost consciousness," said Vijay. "He was later told he had ruptured his spleen and was suffering from internal bleeding."

Following an operation to remove his spleen, the man was given forty stitches to his abdomen and had his lungs drained of excess fluid. He was told he had cracked some ribs, punctured a lung and damaged his right shoulder in the fall, injuries that meant he would remain on antibiotics for the rest of his life.

"Prior to the incident my client was a hard-working and very active man," said Vijay. "Due to his employer's failure to ensure their premises were safe to work in, my client now lives a life of restricted mobility, anxiety and excessive tiredness."

In September 2010, Vijay settled the claim on behalf of his client for the gross sum of £55,000.

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