£425,000 after uninsured driver causes serious injuries to Fentons client

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£425,000 after uninsured driver causes serious injuries to Fentons client

30th June 2008

Keam v The Motor Insurers Bureau 2008

Settlement: £425,000 plus legal costs from uninsured driver.

Fentons client, John Keam, had just taken a years' leave from work to travel round Europe when his plans were abruptly halted by an uninsured driver who drove head on into his car. He suffered multiple orthopaedic injuries including a shattered right knee. Despite numerous operations the leg failed to heal properly and Mr Keam was left with a permanent disability. Although the driver at fault for the accident was uninsured Mr Keam was advised by Fentons Partner, Mark Thomson, to pursue a claim for compensation against the Motor Insurers Bureau. Mr Keam was able to recover a significant settlement for the injuries and losses he suffered together with lost earnings to the age of retirement, care for life to be provided by a commercial carer, aids & equipment and an adapted vehicle. His case settled without the necessity of a court trial for £425,000.

Mark Thomson, a Partner at Fentons Solicitors, acted for the claimant.

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