£400,000 for motorcyclist injured in head-on collision

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£400,000 for motorcyclist injured in head-on collision

20th May 2015

A motorcyclist who was extremely lucky to survive a head-on collision with a car has received £400,000 in an out of court settlement.

Michael Latner, a serious injuries specialist at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the man who is in his 30s, was riding his motorbike home from work along a stretch of road near his house when a car suddenly pulled out from a line of parked vehicles and moved directly across his path.

“A van was approaching on the opposite side of the road to my client, giving him no room to manoeuvre or time to avoid a collision,” said Michael, a Partner with the firm. “As far as he can recall, his bike skidded before slamming into the car and catapulting him onto the bonnet.

“His left knee took most of the impact hitting the front of the car before apparently going through the ruptured fuel tank of his bike,” he added. “The force of the collision spun him around and after blacking out momentarily, he found himself lying on the tarmac feeling dizzy and nauseous and ‘in the worst pain he had ever felt in his life.’”

The claimant was taken by ambulance to hospital after losing an enormous amount of blood due to his femoral artery having been severed. In addition, the bones in his left lower leg were shattered and he had multiple injuries to his left thigh, knee and ankle.

“When my client arrived in hospital it was touch-and-go as to whether doctors would be able to save his leg or be forced to amputate above the knee,” said Michael. “The injury to his femoral artery caused a massive build up of blood inside his leg and in order to relieve the resulting pressure, doctors had to make incisions on either side of his calf to restore normal blood supply to his foot.”

After spending three weeks in hospital, during which time he underwent five separate operations on his leg, the claimant was discharged in a wheelchair. Following his return home, he had to rely upon his family to help him with his personal care as well as with bathing and getting dressed each day.

“Unable to climb stairs or even stand without crutches, my client spent the next seven months essentially housebound and in considerable pain,” said Michael. “Although his mobility has gradually improved since he was injured, over the last few years, he has undergone two further operations on his leg to allow his bones to heal and he has suffered near constant pain on a daily basis.

“Having previously enjoyed mountaineering and playing rugby and squash, my client’s accident has not only had a devastating impact upon his lifestyle but it has also significantly disrupted his employment,” added Michael. “Furthermore, the injuries he suffered through no fault of his own have dramatically affected his mental health, family and social life as well as his ability to play and interact with his children.”

Michael said that the last six years had been a horrendous ordeal for the claimant. “Despite receiving extensive physiotherapy as well as a tremendous amount of surgery, my client’s knee remains weak and his left leg is now shorter than his right. In addition, he has trouble kneeling and crouching, he cannot stand for more than ten minutes without discomfort and he is unable to walk painlessly for long distances.”

After liability was admitted, following a change of the defendant’s solicitors, lengthy negotiations involving numerous medical experts and a number of rejected lower offers, Michael settled the claim on behalf of his client for £400,000 in July 2012.

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