£40,000 compensation awarded for fall at work

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£40,000 compensation awarded for fall at work

21st April 2011

A 45 year-old man who carried on working despite rupturing a tendon in his knee has been awarded £40,000 in compensation.

John Reeder, a personal injury specialist at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said his client, who was working as a maintenance operative, lost his balance and fell whilst walking down a set of steps made from scaffolding materials.

"My client was carrying some equipment when one of the steps, which was unsecured, tilted forward as he stepped onto it causing him to fall and land heavily on his left knee," said John, a partner with the firm.

"Although in considerable pain with his knee already swelling up, he carried on working," said John. "It wasn't until the next day that my client consulted his doctor who immediately sent him to hospital where he was diagnosed with a ruptured tendon."

The man underwent surgery to reconstruct his tendon and had supporting wire inserted into his knee. He was discharged wearing a metal brace and warned not to allow his injured leg to bear his full weight at any time until his knee had healed.

He returned to hospital for further surgery four months later to have metalwork removed from his knee under general anaesthetic before being referred for an intensive course of physiotherapy.

"My client's accident prevented him from working for eight months causing him a loss of earnings," said John.

"Although he has been told he will never make a complete recovery from his injury, I am pleased that he has now been able to return to work. This accident could so easily have been avoided had simple checks been made to the steps to ensure they were safe to use."

The defendant's insurer admitted liability and in March 2011, John settled the claim on behalf of his client for the gross sum of £44,000.

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