£250,000 for collision victim forced to wait for rehabilitation

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£250,000 for collision victim forced to wait for rehabilitation

5th January 2016

A Lincolnshire man who had to wait several months to get the rehabilitation he needed after a motorist refused to accept responsibility for a collision which left him with permanent leg injuries has received £250,000 in an out of court settlement.

Matthew Claxson, a serious injuries specialist at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the defendant’s initial refusal to admit liability hampered the securing of vital funds for his client’s rehabilitation and only added to the enormous physical, emotional and financial strain he has had to contend with over the last three-and-a-half years.

“My client, who is in his 40s, was on his way to his job as an Agricultural Manager when the driver of an approaching vehicle attempted to turn late directly across his path,” said Matthew, a partner at the firm. “Unable to avoid a head-on collision, my client’s car was spun 180 degrees with the impact knocking him out. When he recovered consciousness, he was being dragged free from the wreckage of his car by onlookers who had witnessed the accident.”

The father-of-two was taken by ambulance to hospital having suffered a dislocated hip and a broken right foot, ankle and pelvis as well as facial lacerations and damage to his teeth. After spending nearly three weeks in hospital, during which time he underwent a series of operations and had supportive metalwork inserted into his leg, he was sent home unable to bear any weight on his injured right side.

“My client spent the following several weeks largely confined to a wheelchair at home and heavily reliant upon his partner to help with his personal care and mobility around the house,” said Matthew. “It took another five months before he was physically fit to drive the nearly 30 miles to his work, but he was in so much pain being on his feet all day that he was soon forced to pursue other career options.

“Despite further surgery and extensive physiotherapy, my client has been left devastated as he will never regain full use of his right ankle and he will likely walk with a limp for the rest of his life,” said Matthew. “Having previously led a very fit and active life, he is now unable to play the sports he loved such as rugby, cricket and squash and he has had to leave the type of manual work he was used to and enjoyed. Currently, he still cannot walk without pain for more than half an hour, he has ongoing pain in his knee, ankle and hip and he will need a full hip replacement within the next 15 years.”

After a formal counter-claim was pursued and ultimately defeated, liability was finally admitted in full, and following the commencement of proceedings in the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court, Matthew settled the case on behalf of his client for £250,000 in addition to the cost of the extensive rehabilitation costs already paid.

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