£160,000 compensation victory after horror car accident

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£160,000 compensation victory after horror car accident

29th June 2009

A 78-year-old client has won her battle for compensation, agreeing a settlement of £160,000 following a horrific car accident.

At approximately 11.30am on 4 January 2008, our client was travelling in the front passenger seat of a vehicle which the defendant was driving. The defendant's vehicle was travelling along Repton Road, Orpington, driving up a hill, when the vehicle travelling in front of them suddenly stopped, without indication.

As the defendant began to overtake the vehicle in front, it suddenly started to turn right, into a driveway. The car then stopped sharply when the driver saw our client and the defendant's vehicle. In taking evasive action, the defendant swerved to the right, then mounted the pavement and hit a two foot brick wall.

The defendant died in the accident, and our client sustained significant injuries including a spiral fracture of the right femur, a fracture of the right tibia at the ankle, a Lisfranc fracture dislocation of the right foot and some transverse process fractures in the lumbar spine. The ankle fracture was an open (compound) injury. Our client also suffered from psychological injuries and scarring.

In June 2009, Karen Beck, handling the case for our client, successfully negotiated a £160,000 settlement for our client against the defendant's insurance company.

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