£145,000 for grandmother lucky to survive collision

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£145,000 for grandmother lucky to survive collision

9th July 2013

A grandmother who was extremely lucky to survive a crash which left her with multiple horrific injuries has received £145,000 in an out of court settlement.

The collision, which occurred nearly four years ago, left the Chelmsford woman disabled after she suffered two broken legs, a fractured sternum, three broken ribs and injuries to her mouth and chin.

“My client was driving to a physiotherapy appointment having only recently recovered from a fall where she broke her right knee,” said Susan Bennett, a serious injuries expert at Fentons Solicitors LLP. “As she was about to pass a junction, a car failed to give way from a side road and crashed into the side of her car.”

After she was rushed by ambulance to hospital fighting for her life, the woman, who is in her 70s, underwent a blood transfusion and emergency surgery to both her legs. Over the following month she was unable to move and remained in hospital where she received intensive physiotherapy before she was then transferred to a care home for a further six weeks.

“When my client returned to the home she lived alone in she couldn’t bear any weight on her injured legs and had to rely entirely on her carers for help with all her day-to-day needs,” said Susan. “Before the accident she led a very independent life and loved driving about in her car and pottering around in her garden. Now she can’t do any of the things she loved doing previously and although months of physiotherapy have enabled her to finally walk for short distances with a walking frame she feels devastated at her loss of independence.”

After liability was admitted and the motorist responsible for the collision was convicted of careless driving, the defendant’s insurers offered the injured lady just £50,000 to settle the claim. “I advised her to reject the offer as I believed the amount of care my client needed as well as the costs of future treatment and modifications to her home meant her claim was worth a lot more money,” said Susan.

“My client now has to rely on others for help with all her meals and drinks as well as practically every aspect of her daily life,” she added. “She can no longer leave her house unaided and she now spends much of her time alone in her lounge. As she can’t even access her own back garden or shower it is hoped this settlement will help with her future care costs as well as with any modifications her home may need to help improve her mobility.”

Susan settled the claim on behalf of her client for £145,000. This included £5,000 in interim payments required for the extensive rehabilitation and care the claimant has needed since the accident.

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