£125,000 for elderly brain injury victim following collision

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£125,000 for elderly brain injury victim following collision

15th March 2012

An elderly pedestrian who suffered a traumatic head and leg injury when she was knocked down by a car has recovered more than £125,000 in compensation in an out of court settlement.

Nick Godwin, a serious injuries expert at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said his client, who was in her late 80s at the time, had been walking to the shops near her home when a car mounted the pavement and collided with her at speed.

“My client was thrown into the air and landed several feet away on the pavement, striking her head and leg,” said Nick, a partner with the firm. “Given her age and the force of the impact, she was incredibly lucky not to have been killed.”

Due to the severity of her injuries, the Kent woman was airlifted straight from the scene and taken directly to a hospital in London.

After undergoing an operation to have metalwork inserted into her leg to stabilise her fracture, she remained in intensive care for the next four weeks. She was then transferred to a hospital near her home where she stayed for another eight weeks for ongoing treatment and assessment.

“My client cannot recall anything about the incident itself,” said Nick. “One minute she was on her way to the shops near her house and then the next thing she knew she was waking up in a hospital in London, miles from her home.

“In the months following her accident, my client suffered from confusion and severe short term memory loss and it soon became clear she had sustained a mild brain injury which, medical evidence later confirmed, had led to the accelerated onset of dementia,” added Nick. “The dementia became so advanced that she lost her capacity to manage her own affairs and following her discharge from hospital was moved into a nursing home.”

In view of the seriousness of the claimant’s injuries a case manager in the form of a long-term friend was appointed to take control of her personal affairs. After it became apparent that her condition was due to deteriorate, Fentons’ Court of Protection department was instructed to act as the claimant’s Professional Deputy.

“This was a desperately sad case in which the injury my client suffered, through no fault of her own, significantly altered her life,” said Nick. “Prior to her accident, she lived alone in her own house and enjoyed an independent and sociable life with very little outside help needed. Her quality of life has been severely compromised, her house has been sold and she is now largely confined to her nursing home.

“My client is now in her 90s and very frail,” added Nick. “She is significantly cognitively impaired, and as her dementia is set to deteriorate, it is hoped the settlement, which was approved by the court, will help provide her with the care, comfort and support that she deserves.”

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