£110,000 awarded to Fentons client

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£110,000 awarded to Fentons client

8th January 2008

Saxton v Dun Fab Engineering Company Limited

Acceleration of problems with the knees and Hips requiring replacement of all four joints which in addition resulted in the development of Athletes Neurosis.

Amount Recovered - £110,000

Mr Saxton was working as an engineer operating a Horizontal Boring machine. As a result of the incomplete handrails/safety equipment around the machine, Mr Saxton fell from the machine landing on the concrete below.

Mr Saxton suffered direct injuries to his shoulder, knees and hips and consequently was forced to retire early. The sudden impact on his life additionally led to the development of a form of Athletes Neurosis which then further impeded Mr Saxton life.

It was not possible to settle the claim whilst Mr Saxton was still undergoing surgery on the Orthopaedic injuries. A leading Barrister was instructed to assist with the case and settlement of the Claim was achieved in the sum of £110,000.

Stephen Warren an Associate at Fentons Solicitors acted for the claimant.

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