£100k settlement for car accident victim

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£100k settlement for car accident victim

10th July 2009

A young woman who was badly injured when the car her mother was driving crashed in rainy weather, has secured more than £100,000 in compensation.

On 30 April 2004, the 21-year-old Fentons client was sitting in the front passenger seat of her mum's vehicle with her seatbelt buckled. They were travelling along the A470 from Brecon to Builth Wells in Wales. It was raining and the vehicle was travelling around a bend to the left, going downhill at approximately 35mph, when the vehicle skidded onto the opposite side of the road.

There was another vehicle travelling in the opposite direction, which tried to swerve to avoid our client's mother's car. But the two front passenger sides collided, and the vehicle our client was in span to the right and travelled sideways down the road onto a grass verge, before sliding down an embankment and coming to rest.

Our client suffered a catalogue of serious injuries as a result, including head injuries, facial lacerations, scarring and psychological injuries. She also suffered a comminuted fracture of the left femur and a comminuted, open fracture of the left tibia and fibula.

After unsuccessfully pursuing the case as a litigant in person for more than two years, she engaged the services of Fentons Solicitors LLP. On 10 July 2009, Karen Beck - acting on behalf of the client - settled the case with the defendant's insurance company in the sum of £118,766.19.

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