£1.2m compensation award after failure to treat injury leads to amputation

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£1.2m compensation award after failure to treat injury leads to amputation

12th July 2011

A young Essex man, whose leg had to be amputated after doctors failed to notice how seriously he had been injured in a road accident, has received £1.2m in compensation.

The man was just 18 when the car he was a passenger in left the road in Essex and collided with a tree more than three years ago. After firefighters cut him free from the vehicle he was taken to a nearby hospital with a catalogue of injuries including multiple severe fractures to his lower body, a fractured cheek and multiple soft tissue injuries to the rest of his body.

Upon his arrival at hospital the victim was met by a trauma team. But despite noticing that there was no pulse in his right foot which had turned pale and cold, doctors treating the man failed to send him for surgery to restore circulation to his damaged right leg. As a direct result, his circulation to the affected limb was lost and just two days later his right leg had to be amputated above the knee.

Matthew Claxson, a serious injuries expert at Fentons Solicitors LLP, representing the victim, said: “My client had always wanted to work in the motor industry. Had it not been for the negligence of the hospital he was treated in and the subsequent amputation of his leg, he would have made an almost full recovery within 6-12 months and been able to pursue his dreams.

“He has needed constant high levels of care and assistance since he was discharged from hospital in a wheelchair,” continued Matthew, a partner with the firm. “Now several years after losing his leg, he has still not yet been able to find employment.

“My client has suffered significant financial losses as a result of his accident,” said Matthew. “He has required ongoing care and help adapting his home and car. He has needed prostheses as well as other aids and equipment and he has had to undergo extensive rehabilitation, counselling and physiotherapy. We are pleased that the driver of the vehicle in which my client was a passenger in and the hospital who negligently treated him have both now accepted responsibility. We hope the settlement he has received will help him cope with the challenges he will continue to face in the future.”

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