Our Experiences with Motorbike Accident Claims

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Our Experiences with Motorbike Accident Claims

See Fentons Solicitors’ past experience in working with motorcycle injury claims.

Survivor of collision wins out of court settlement

Fentons helped a motorcyclist settle a motorbike accident claim that had been contested by the defendant for over six years. The man, in his thirties, was hit head-on by a car after the driver pulled out in front of him. The accident severed a major artery in his leg, and although the doctors managed to save it, he was left housebound for seven months, and continues to be in constant pain.

Fentons engaged in lengthy negotiations on behalf of their client, and liability was eventually admitted by the driver. Several lower offers were rejected before the claim was settled for £400,000 by Fentons. Although money is no substitute for loss of mobility and standard of life the client has suffered, it will go some way towards helping him recover from his ordeal.

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Fentons helps motorcyclist win claim against driver

A client of Fentons Solicitors was awarded £130,000 in an out of court settlement. The claimant, a man in his 20s, was thrown from his bike when a car turned suddenly in front of him. As a result he suffered multiple fractures, internal bruising and a punctured stomach. He was practically housebound for half a year following his accident, and had to rely on the care of his family. After thirty six months of intense physiotherapy, his life is only just returning to normality.

As a self-employed businessman, the loss of his company was one of the reasons why he turned to Fentons for help with his claim. Fentons used their specialist expertise in motorcycle injury claims to reach an out of court settlement for their client.

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