Our Experiences with Military Claims

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Our Experiences with Military Claims

Soldier forced to his post claims damages in out of court settlement

Fentons Solicitors have helped a client win £627,000 after injuries caused by a car crash meant he had to leave his job in the armed forces. The incident occurred when the car he was riding in as a passenger lost control and hit a tree.

He suffered severe injuries, which were not limited to broken teeth and bones, and injuries to his head, back and neck. Even when he left hospital, he continued to experience physical problems linked to the accident. He was plagued by regular dizziness, nausea and chronic pain. This was soon followed by the onset of severe psychological side effects.

Over the following months, the pain worsened, despite intense physical therapy, and he now suffers from severe dizzy spells and chronic pain. This led him to contact Fentons, who help him to pursue his claim against the driver’s insurance company. The claim was settled out of court, and hopefully the damages will go some way to helping him treat his continuing physical and psychological problems.

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