GP Error Claims

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GP Error Claims

Our own GP is often the first medical expert we see to discuss a personal health matter, and most of us are lucky enough to receive excellent care. But unfortunately there are times when a doctor may fail to diagnose a condition or illness, may misdiagnose your symptoms, or otherwise fail in their duty of care to you.

Under these circumstances, you might be entitled to make a claim for medical negligence compensation.

Fentons medical negligence solicitors has have for many years acted on behalf of individuals that have been affected by GP error in this way, including claims such as:

  • Cancer cases not being diagnosed early enough to treat
  • Symptoms being misdiagnosed entirely
  • Serious illness not being recognised at all
  • Failure to refer to relevant specialist
  • Wrong medication or incorrect dosage being prescribed
  • Pharmacists misreading prescriptions

If you or your loved one has been affected by improper or insufficient treatment by your GP, or have suffered unnecessary pain or illness due to misdiagnosis, then the medico-legal experts at Fentons could help you with your GP error claim and secure compensation.

Our vastly experienced team includes specialist, dedicated medical negligence lawyers and qualified nurses, who are able to understand what has happened to you and explain if and how you or your loved one might have been the victim of negligent medical treatment.

Our friendly, sympathetic medical negligence solicitors specialists are able to immediately identify the issues affecting you and your loved ones, offering you the best practical advice on what options are open to you, and whether you have a strong legal case.

They will work with you to obtain your medical records and compile the necessary evidence to prove that there was a failure in the care that you or your loved one received, securing and maximising your medical negligence compensation claim.

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If you think you have a case for compensation, or require further assistance with a GP error claim or any other medical negligence claims, why not call our freephone helpline on 0800 019 1297, alternatively fill in the brief medical claim form.