Road Traffic Accidents Abroad Claims

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Road Traffic Accidents Abroad Claims

One of the most common accidents to affect people while travelling abroad is a road traffic collision. But whether you are a driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian - if you have been injured in a collision while in a foreign country, the travel claim specialists at Fentons can help you.

Many people hire cars to enable them to explore the area of the foreign country in which they are staying, and - just as in the UK - accidents on the road do happen and can cause injury, distress and financial loss. Whether you were driving or the passenger, you are entitled to submit a road traffic accidents abroad claim you may be eligible to compensation. Similarly if you are a pedestrian and sustain injury during your travels after being hit by a vehicle, you could make a claim.

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Coaches and taxis are often used to help people make the journey from the airport to their hotels and back, and also to take sightseeing tours and excursions during holidays. If the vehicle in which you are travelling is involved in a road traffic accident and you sustain an injury, you could be entitled to compensation.

Hiring bicycles and mopeds is also a very popular way to get around while abroad, particularly with younger tourists. Just because you might have signed a disclaimer as part of an agreement with the hire company, does not mean that you cannot make a road traffic accidents claim if you are injured because of someone else’s driving, a defect with the vehicle or poorly maintained roads.

Our team of multi-lingual legal holiday accident specialists has many years’ experience successfully pursuing claims on behalf of people who have been injured in road traffic incidents around the globe.

The law covering liability for motor accidents differs throughout the world, and our personal injury experts are well-versed in the variety of different procedures which enables them to process your claim efficiently and effectively.

If we take on your claim for compensation and can pursue it through the courts of England and Wales, we will offer you the benefit of our No Win No Fee scheme which provides a risk-free way to pursue compensation.

If we cannot offer you the benefit of our No Win No Fee scheme, we will discuss with you the options available to you for funding your claim.

The time limits on when a holiday’s accidents claim can be brought are different in every country throughout the world. If you have been injured in a road traffic accident while abroad, either as a driver, a passenger, a pedestrian or a cyclist, it is vital that you seek expert legal advice as soon as possible.

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