Accidents at Sea Claims

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Accidents at Sea Claims

Travelling by air or by sea are the most common ways for us to reach our foreign destinations. While both are extremely safe modes of transportation, unfortunately passengers can still be injured by accidents or affected by illness.

Rules are in place to ensure that transport operators take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of their passengers at all times, and if those rules are breached – leaving you with an injury or illness as a result – then you could be entitled to compensation.

The aviation specialists at Fentons are experienced in pursuing compensation claims arising from  every type of incident – from those as serious as airline disasters around the world to less dramatic but equally important cases involving falls, food poisoning and injuries caused by baggage falling from overhead compartments.

We have recovered compensation for victims and families involved in most types of air accidents - from incidents involving commercial jet airliners to helicopters and small light aircraft.

To read about some of our recent holiday accident cases, please visit our case studies page.

Similarly our holiday accident team is vastly experienced in pursuing compensation for passengers affected by illness or injury while at sea. Operators of cruise liners are duty bound to ensure that accommodation is safe and hygienic, and that guests are not unreasonably exposed to the risk of injury, disease, or infection. Whenever they fail in that duty, our specialists help to retrieve compensation for injured parties.

The holiday accident experts at Fentons have successfully tackled accidents at sea claims on behalf of passengers who have sustained injuries during serious maritime incidents such as boat collisions and evacuations, as well as for passengers affected by outbreaks of illness or disease caused by poor hygiene standards. Many other cases have been brought following trips and falls whilst on board caused by poor safety measures.

There are very strict rules, governed by international law, on time limits for making holiday accident claims if you have been injured aboard an aircraft or while at sea.

If you have been injured in an accident while on board an aircraft or boat, if you have been affected by illness due to poor hygiene standards on board or food poisoning, or if you have been affected by a major air or maritime incident, it is vital that you seek expert legal advice as soon as possible.

If we take on your claim for compensation and can pursue it through the courts of England and Wales, we will offer you the benefit of our No Win No Fee scheme which provides a risk-free way to pursue compensation.

If we cannot offer you the benefit of our No Win No Fee scheme, we will discuss with you the options available to you for funding your claim.

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