Our Experiences with Fatal Accident Claims

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Our Experiences with Fatal Accident Claims

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Woman awarded £100,000 in compensation after fatal collision

A woman whose partner died in a tragic car accident finally achieved justice when the insurance company accepted liability. Her partner, who had been driving at the time of the incident, lost control of the vehicle and collided with a row of trees. He sadly passed away before the couple could be rescued, and the client was left trapped inside the car for two and a half hours until the emergency services could cut her free.

The client suffered severe bruising, torn muscles and scarring, as well as having to deal with the emotional and psychological traumas of losing her partner. She was off work for several months, and on her return was made redundant. To this day she still has mobility issues, and suffers from muscle spasms and shooting pains.

Fentons settled the claim on behalf of the client for £100,000. Though nothing can change the tragic events in this woman’s life, the money will help to support her in her time of need.

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