Our Experiences with Defective Product Claims

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Our Experiences with Defective Product Claims

Read how Fentons’ expertise has helped our clients win their defective product claims

Woman wins compensation after radiator damages her foot

A woman whose foot was crushed after a defective radiator fell on her, has received significant damages. The radiator had not been mounted properly, and when it came away from the wall in the woman’s rented property, it landed directly on her foot. The tenant was left with a fractured foot and several dislocated bones.

When the injury failed to heal and she was left wearing orthopaedic shoes, the lady in question got in touch with Fentons Solicitors to see how they could help. It turned out that the faulty radiator was not an isolated incident amongst her landlord’s properties, and so Fentons went to court against the property owner on behalf of their client. There the woman was awarded £58,000 in compensation.

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Child hurt by defective tricycle

One of Fenton’s most recent cases concerned a young child who was injured after falling off his tricycle. The product, bought for the child by his parents at an Argos store in Huddersfield was fitted together with a misfitting pin. This caused the handlebars to completely detach from the toy, causing the child to lose control of the tricycle and hit his head on some concrete steps. Fentons contacted Argos, who have since accepted liability for the accident.

Read the full defective product claims case study.

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