Our Experiences with Accidents at Work Claims

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Our Experiences with Accidents at Work Claims

Fentons helps woman with rare and painful condition win compensation

A woman who suffered an accident at work that left her with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome has won an out of court settlement from her employer. The client, who worked for a large supermarket, was hit in the back of the legs with a trolley loaded with stock.

She realised something was unusual when her leg changed colour and she suffered intense burning sensations several days later. She was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, a little understood condition which leaves the sufferer in pain far beyond the severity of the injury.

After contacting Fentons about her accident at work claim, she received £150,000 in compensation from her employer.

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Client wins compensation for foot damaged at work

A man whose foot was crushed while working as a Telecom engineer received £215,000 in damages. The client, who was wearing steel cap boots at the time, was hit by a 50kg roll of cable whilst removing a ladder from the back of a van. The cable had not been properly secured, and dislodged from the vehicle, bouncing onto the employee’s foot.

His foot was fractured, and sadly due to complications caused by his type one diabetes, it failed to heal. Due to pain and difficulties walking, the gentleman in question had to abandon his career. For this reason he contacted Fentons, who helped ensure that the employer admitted 95% liability in an out of court settlement.

The client continues to suffer pain and chronic ulcers, but his settlement should go some way towards providing a decent standard of living.

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