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How long do I have to pursue my claim?
There is a general rule with personal injury cases that claims should be brought within three years of the date of the accident or the date that the client had knowledge of the injury or condition. In certain circumstances the court will consider claims brought outside this period but normally an application to the court is required before permission to issue outside the three year period can be obtained. Where the potential claimant is under eighteen years the general rule is that they have three years from the date that they turn eighteen to pursue any such action. As a general rule the earlier you obtain advice from a specialist solicitor the better.

Do accident claims companies offer the same service as specialist solicitor firms?
There are many accident management companies marketing across Britain who claim to be experts in personal injury litigation. But all too often the standard of service received by clients is poor and some claimants have been left under-compensated and very often out of pocket. Many of the largest claims management companies require clients to take out loan agreements which can often further reduce the amount of their damages award. Fentons is proud that it has never accepted instructions from claims management companies, and it is our express aim to maximise the level of compensation you receive.

Is it important that I instruct a specialist personal injury firm rather than a high street firm?
Increasingly to obtain the appropriate amount of compensation it is important to instruct a solicitor with a niche knowledge of the particular area of law involved in an individual case. At Fentons we have specialist departments dealing with industrial disease, employers liability, public and occupiers liability, foreign jurisdiction claims, criminal injuries, abuse claims, defective product work, road traffic accident, motor insurance bureau work and employment law. With one of the largest claimant personal injury departments in the country we can offer you the expertise you require in any particular case.

What is my claim worth?
Without detailed medical evidence, it is normally impossible to estimate the value of a case. The choice of medical expert is key, as is the work carried out by the solicitor in investigating and assessing the various heads of claim. Fentons works closely with leading rehabilitation units, care assessment agencies, and employment experts to ensure that all past and future losses are included as part of any claim.

Am I free to instruct a solicitor of my own choice?
European Union Legislation guarantees the client the right to instruct a solicitor of their own choice. Many personal injury firms also accept instructions from the insurance industry to defend personal injury claims. As a purely claimant firm committed to pursuing the interests of our clients, we feel there is a danger that a conflict of interest arises when firms also act for the insurance industry. We would recommend that personal injury claimants only ever instruct firms who are purely committed to the cause of personal injury claimants.

Will I have to pay anything?
Following the introduction of legislation during the last five years, personal injury claimants can now pursue litigation with complete peace of mind knowing that they will not have to pay anything out in the event that their case is lost.

Can I be compensated for losses other than personal injury?
The answer is yes. We can pursue a claim for future and past loss of earnings, the cost of medical care, the additional time that friends or members of your family are required to spend caring or carrying out household chores for the injured person, along with any other financial losses or expenditure directly linked to the accident.

There are matters in my medical records that I do not wish to disclose.
We take client confidentiality very seriously. We appreciate that there are many matters in peoples medical notes and records that are sensitive. If a client makes a request we will seek to ensure that any matters that are not of relevance to the claim in question are not disclosed in the course of the litigation.

How long will the litigation take?
Many straightforward cases are settled within twelve months. Complex industrial disease, high quantum cases and serious injury cases may take two to three years. Much depends on the ability of the medical experts to provide a definitive prognosis.

I am nervous about pursuing a claim against my employers.
Employers are required to hold public liability insurance. In the normal course of events, the claim will be investigated and progressed by an insurance company and we will not deal directly with your employers after the initial correspondence. We have a specialist employment department to ensure that claimants have the best possible advice regarding their legal rights in the workplace.

Does it matter where I live?
Fentons handles litigation on behalf of thousands of people throughout Britain. We have a national network of medical experts who offer a nationwide service to personal injury claimants. It is essential that a personal injury claimant instructs a firm with the requisite skill, expertise and experience to maximise their compensation.